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Date: Saturday 16th of December 2017

Today is age of science and communication. man is exploring the new dimension of the world. Today world has become a global village. This is only possible by special source called media. The media has explored the civilizations, Cultures trade commerce etc. News paper has played a vital role to closer the world with each other. More than that it has finished the distances among each others. News papers are the real voice of people all around the world, incase of injustice, Atrocities, violence and other related problems as well.
Daily Kashmir express is one of the prominent AJK based news paper which has performed their responsibilities undauntedly in the field of journalism.  Since 15 April 2002 it first and most circulated newspaper  state of Azad Jummu & Kashmir. In on going Kashmir movement Daily Kashmir Express has played vital role as becoming the voice of the people of Kashmir for their basic right of self determination. similarly the news paper has always support the Kashmiries people those who are abroad. The News paper also highlight their respective problems which Kashmiries people are facing all over the world.
The News paper Daily Kashmir Express has always play impartial netural role irrespectively with out any political or other mileage. Its struggle is unique but indepent, which is still going on the news paper is ABC certified and is in central media list of press information department of Pakistan. The head of the news paper Mr. Sardar Muhammad Zahid Tabassum is basically belong to District poonch village Madar Pur Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The permeation and the publication news paper is his personal efforts. During the promotion of news paper personally the chief editor even after facing huge problems the news paper as shown full competition in the media section. This is only by showing full conviction
Dedication and perpetual struggle to owing and exploring the new dimension of news paper. For the promotion of the news paler your news  column, interviews and related  material are well come. We will publish and will give you full coverage. 

Chief Editor:

Sardar Zahid Tabassum

Cell: +92 300 5070190

Email: kashmirexpress@yahoo.com